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How Gomora’s Nthati Might Kill Her Mother (MamSonto)

Katlego Danke who plays the character of Nthati in Mzansi’s number one; Gomora has become one of soapville’s most villainous and frightening female characters. When we first met her, she was just a greedy housewife who solely relied on her husband for money.

When her husband got killed by one of her mother’s hijacker’s Nthati became penniless and had to go back to the same place she hated growing up in; Alexander.

Today she is stronger and more ambitious than her mother; MamSonto. She seems unaware of the power she has at times and doesn’t know how to handle her hunger and ambition. It was only when she murdered Mohato that she wished that she were not a criminal, that she could be the lazy housewife she was before.

Her relationship between her mother and herself changed dramatically when she tapped into the dark side. MamSonto is the key to Nthati’s character development. She is the one who pushed Nthati to kill Mohato, she trusts Nthati more than her other daughter Pretty and wants Nthati to take over her hijacking business once she retires.

This is Nthati’s first kill, MamSonto is training her to be tougher and stronger; to be like her and even be better than her.

MamSonto has been manipulating Nthati from the beginning and not playing open cards with her. She hasn’t told Nthati that she is the one responsible for her husband’s death. Once Nthati realizes what her mother did, their relationship might not make it.

Nthati won’t need her mother’s approval; the real reason she committed the murder was to prove herself to her mother. Once she gets over this first murder, there will be no stopping her. She will take over Gomora and might possibly kill her mother one day.