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Durban trainer speaks of how he saved Sbahle’s life

A personal trainer by the name of Brian Dube quickly extinguished Sbahle’s car before it got engulfed in flames.

Speaking to Sunday World, Dube told the publication that he heard the accident which occurred in the early hours of the morning. When he saw that Sbahle’s car was in flames, he quickly took action to get her out of danger before the car got completely engulfed in flames.

“I just couldn’t watch her burn alive in that car. I couldn’t watch anyone die like that. I heard the sound of a car hitting the tree outside. I ran to the window and I saw the car upside down. I ran downstairs and I could see that the car was on fire. I grabbed a fire extinguisher from my building and with another man we managed to put the fire out.”

The personal trainer also told the publication that the accident was unbelievable as Sbahle’s side was crushed and the door had been torn off, he also added that the passenger’s side was just as bad.

Source: ZAlebs