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How I got my new car from my Girlfriend who had stolen it

Sometimes we date evil beings. This happened to me and I cannot forget. My lovely girlfriend decided to steal my new Premio car which I had just bought using borrowed money. The lady asked me to give her my Toyota car which she wanted to use to travel to Mpumalanga to check on her mother who lives there

It was on a Saturday when I gave her the keys. I was not worried since she is a good driver and a friend too. Up to that point, I didn’t know she was a pretender. She safely drove to her destination and confirmed to me she had already joined up with her mother. We kept talking on phone and updating each other the whole day until next day when she suddenly went silent.

I started becoming worried not sure what had happened to her. This silence from her was so loud that it got me destabilized. The following day, I woke up early having been disturbed all through the night, tried to call her with hopes that this time I will get her response but still nothing.

There is nothing in this world as worse as calling someone for two days without getting her or him to respond. I started thinking deeply what had happened only to learn that she had run away with my new car.

Distressed, I remembered a traditional doctor called Kiwanga who works online throughout. I called him and narrated what had happened. He asked if the car was really mine and told him “yes it is belonged to me”. He decided to use his experience to make sure I get back my car which actually worked.

Fast forward, in just four days, I couldn’t believe that police from Mpumalanga had arrested some individuals who they believed were involved in a series of car robbery incidences in the area. Sadly, she was among them when I got there to see.

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