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Listeners not impressed with how Masechaba handled Anatii’s interview

In the morning, Mo Flava had to deal with that awkward interview with Black Motion and then later on in the afternoon, Masechaba was criticized about how she handled the Anatii interview.

This week, Anatii has been on a promotion run for his latest album titled – IYEZA which he released on Friday.

One of his first radio interviews was on Metro FM’s The Drive with Mo and Masechaba, and although the majority of the interview went well, some listeners were not particularly impressed with one of Masechaba’s questions.

In a live Instagram video taken by Anatii’s team, Masechaba asks Anatii if he’s an empath (a person with the paranormal ability to perceive the mental or emotional state of another individual…) ..as she was sensing a certain type of energy emanating from Anatii:

“Are you an empath…?” She asks Anatii

Masechaba then further explains why she asked Anatii that particular question.

“..you know why I’m asking, it’s just, I’ve never really struggled with anxiety, but all the way from Cape Town down to Joburg, I feel like I’ve been picking up on your energy because I feel weak now and my heart is pounding really, really fast and I have a stomach ache and I feel like I can’t breathe and that’s not me…..”

She then vaguely revealed something about Anatii and supposedly being involved in being a traditional healer nearing the end of the video.

That part of the interview did not sit well with some of the listeners of the show who expressed disappointment towards Masechaba.

One tweet read:

“Masechaba is bully. Again using her platform to address things that aren’t related to the subject of the interview. This behaviour of feeling entitled to people’s personal lives must be the energy that’s weighing her down.”

While others felt that the interview could’ve been handled differently without her asking that particular question.

“Anati is an artist couldn’t the interview be based on his career? She is annoying.”

“She seems to enjoy bullying people into talking about their personal stuff, she just ambushes people it’s uncalled for. @MasechabaNdlovu yoooh hai sis uyadina.”

“Gosh…I also heard the interview busy talking about energies and anxiety she was feeling. Poor guy was there for his album and this chick was busy with her funny consultation. It was embarrassing. She’s too much!!”

For some listeners, the last straw that broke the camels back was when she commented about his weight.

One Twitter user who responded to the bullying tweet said:

“I missed this part, must’ve been after I switched off coz she had asked him why he is now fat, badgering him about ukuthwasa and diagnosing him with depression.”

While another tweet read:

“I was disappointed in the fat calling parts she did… Anatii has never been a loud person and the way she did him was spook hurtful. She is lucky he isn’t an AKA type personality.”

Did you listen to the interview, if so, what were your thoughts about it?

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