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How Much Kings Get From The Government. Find Out How Much King Zwelithini Got

The image shows how much the kings are receiving from the South African government and it seems like quality and received a lot of money from the South African government from being a Zulu King and being in charge of a lot of land in South Africa, we have always known that these things are getting a lot of money from the government but we did not know that it was so much and the question comes to mind was raised with such huge quantities of money because the African national Congress also has to take care of everything.

When the people of all these provinces are asking for basic service delivery they do not question the King or anyone else but the government so what are these things doing for their people if things are not going as they should be despite them receiving such money, it is evident that people have to start complaining from their Kings to deliver good things and other things.

If these things are getting so much money than the government is not completely responsible for everything now is it, the kings also have to be accountable for some of the things that go on in their provinces they have to exercise oversight over them and people should stop complaining about the government at every turn.

Why are the Skins getting so much money because they do not do anything in the government the only thing that they do is just sit there and own a lot of land from which members of the public exist, send as the government that provides the basic services that these people receive why is there any reason for the government to give them extra money when they are people are the ones who complained to them about service delivery.

Maybe since these people are paying taxes to the government now the king is entitled to receive some compensation from the labour of his people was that the reasoning behind the whole giving off a portion of money to the Kings or there’s another reason I cannot comprehend, this morning was a lot smaller than it initially was but throughout the years has been increased steadily.

It’s hard to assume that these things are receiving a lot of money from the government because of the people that they oversee because those people do not task four basic services from the kings they live their lives looking towards the government to provide, another question which comes to mind is all the kings of Spring exempt from paying any taxes and is that money taxed or they receive it as it is.

A lot of people have not taken a liking to this information especially since they know that there’s money is taxpayers money that is made from the contributions of all the people in the country, revealed that the king of Swaziland also is entitled to a portion of money because for malanga apparently is an overseer there is no logical conclusion to explain how the king of Swaziland receives money from the South African government.