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How to get your RDP faster

RDP’s are for people who are not working, with. Current situation in South Africa, unemployment rate increases everyday, and people find it hard to get back to their height.

The government deals with millions of people, as RDP’s also take time to be builded. But here are the tips of getting yours sooner than later. With millions of people waiting for more than 10years to get their RDP’s it is because they apply and never make follow ups.

With current Government system, you apply once and make follow ups. The reason why some of you get it later is because of you apply and never get back to the department were you applied. Some of us submit old certified copies which makes your application to take time. Because they firstly have to deal with the people who submitted correct papers.

Some people apply for RDP but later on changes their numbers, which lead to a problem were by the department can not get hold of you when they need extra papers.

Some people submit papers that short, and the RDP won’t be processed if your documents are incomplete.

In a week or two weeks make follow ups. The government use a system were by they deal with number of people, and there is certain target that they should reach everyday, if your information is incoplete then it will delay your application process.