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Calling A Girl First Time: What To Say To Keep Her Interested, What To Talk About Before Asking For A Date?

Start with hi, how are you. Seek her permission if it is a good time to talk. Ask her about her day, if everything is going well.

Say thanks to her for giving you her number. Be honest and discuss about why you wanted it. If you are naturally witty, you can tell her something that makes both of you laugh.

Humor relieves a some of the tensions you have and relax the atmosphere a bit. In either case, play along with the conversation.

Don’t ask what she is doing. She too must have been waiting for your call.

Also be short with your conversation and ask her when could you call her next.

Your goals should be to make her feel valued and to make a connection with her. Also, be sincere and let her get to know you.

Try to get her to do the talking. Actively listen to her and not worry about what you are going to say next. If she expresses an emotion, empathize with her. For example if she says, “I’m really excited… CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING