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How To Use Colgate And Vaseline To Get Rid of Dark Spots Or Pimples On Your Skin (VIDEO)

Tired of dark spots on your face?

Have you tried treating dark spots on your own without getting the results you want? If you answered yes, you’re not alone. Darks spots and patches rank as one of the most common reasons that people who have darker skin tones see a dermatologist. The medical name for one cause of these dark spots is post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Some people just call it hyperpigmentation for short.

Getting rid of hyperpigmentation begins with finding out why you get these dark spots or patches. If you can eliminate the cause, many spots will clear on their own and you can prevent new ones from appearing.

What causes hyperpigmentation?

People who have medium to dark skin tones get dark spots and patches because something triggers their skin to make extra melanin, the substance that gives skin its color. Many everyday things can trigger extra melanin in people who have darker skin tones.

Dark spots and patches often appear when:

A pimple or patch of psoriasis clears.

A wound caused by an insect bite, cut, burn, or other injury heals.

You take (or apply) certain medications.

A skin or hair care product irritates your skin.

Hormonal changes occur, such as during pregnancy.

How do you treat hyperpigmentation in darker skin tones?

Treatment depends upon what’s causing your hyperpigmentation. Which brings us to today’s topic:

How To Use Colgate And Vaseline To Get Rid of Pimples And Dark Spots On Your Skin

A famous YouTuber shared a video on how to do this. She will walk you through the whole process:

Hello, how do all of you do that? How are you? How are you?

This easy yet fantastic cure that did miracles on the skin in today’s instruction will offer to you.

A few months ago I usually couldn’t get the soap that I use on my face, so I decided to try something else.

My face started to peel when I used the soap and I went darker like two shades. This was a profound time for me because I was terrified to go. But I tried so many things to no profit.

Then I wanted to try the toothpaste vaseline and mask someone mentioned

This has unintentionally brought my face back to normal and I think I must share it with all of you.

How to prepare your vaseline and toothpaste face mask.

Only two components are needed;

Your oil jelly (Vaseline)

A fluoride dependent toothpaste (preferably colgate).

1. In a bowl of equal proportions, mix toothpaste and oil jelly.

2. Mix well together to mix well.

3. Note: first apply it to your palm to check for irritation in your skin. If your skin is allergic and irritated, please do not use it.

4. Those who don’t irritate their eyes can use it as a mask.

5. Rinse with warm water for 5 minutes.

6. Do it again and again every morning for 7 days.

What’s going to happen after 7 days?

1. Helps the bumps dry

2. It helps keep a brilliant face

3. It helps to maintain your dry face

4. It shuts pores into the oil of your skin

5. Dead skin cells are removed that form black spots.


Let us know if it works in the comment section