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Duduzane Zuma says “Redistribution of land and Free education will happen under his Presidency”

Duduzane Zuma promises to deliver free education should things go his way during the general elections in 2024. The issue of free education has been on many people’s mind for years now. And at some point, students across the country organized a protest that sought to make the government to implement free education.

However, the government is yet to implement free education. And Duduzane Zuma says he will deliver what he call ” Free decolonial education”. And at this moment, there’s still no consensus amongst scholars as to what is “De-Colonized Education” especially in South African context.

By now almost everyone knows that Duduzane Zuma has announced that he will contest elections in 2024. And his announcement has prompted many people to react with mixed reactions. Some people are already contemplate whether Duduzane Zuma will surprise many South African people by becoming the first youngest president in the history of South African, since the dawn of democracy.

In the meantime, Duduzane Zuma has taken to Twitter to point out what he will deliver should things go his way in 2024. In his own words, Duduzane Zuma said the following on his official Twitter account ” Redistribution of land and Free decolonial education will happen. We will take the country where it needs to be, 2024 will be the year of turning things around. Together we can”

Duduzane Zuma also promises to redistribute the land. The redistribution of land in South Africa has been highly debate in parliament. As a matter of fact, the political discourse in South Africa centered around the “Free education and the redistribution of land”.