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Huge mistakes that Marang, Imani and Rendani made when they were getting rid of Vuyo’s body

Ever since Vuyo came out of prison he’s been stalking Imani. He went to Dukathole to ask for a job so that he can get close to Imani and keep an eye on her. He acted like an angel in front of everyone but when it was him and Imani he revealed his true colors. He broke into Gugu and Imani’s place, he stole Imani’s undies. He also confessed to killing Imani’s fiance Sechaba. He made Imani look like a crazy person in front of people, when she told people what Vuyo has done and what he is doing people didn’t believe her because Vuyo acted like an angel in front of people.

On Tuesday Gugu had a baby shower. Vuyo was sent to go deliver cakes at the baby shower. Ma Hangwani sent Vuyo because there were inspectors who were coming to inspect her place. Vuyo went to James’s house to deliver the cake as the baby was held there. Marang asked Vuyo to stay and eat a few snacks, she did this to spite Imani. Vuyo stayed, the ladies went to the swimming pool to swim, Imani went back to the house and Vuyo pulled his stunts. He pulled Imani and it looked like he wanted to sleep with her without her consent. Imani fought back, the ladies also came back and they saw what Vuyo was doing to their friend. They all fought with Vuyo, they pushed him and he hit a sharp object, he fell and died.

The ladies panicked and because they didn’t want to get arrested they decided to get rid of Vuyo’s body. In trying to get rid of Vuyo’s body the ladies made a few mistakes which might make them get caught. Yes they might have used gloves and cleaned James’s house and also got rid of the CCTV footage of Vuyo arriving at the house but they made mistakes.

James’s house has security guards, the guards saw Vuyo arriving at the house but they didn’t see him leave the house. The last place that Vuyo was sent to was James’s house but Rendani told her mother that Vuyo didn’t arrive at the house, Vuyo had his phone when he went to James’s house, the phone could be tracked and it will show that Vuyo did go to James’s house. He used his car to go to the house and the car tracker can show that Vuyo was at James’s place. They used a rug to cover his body, when his body gets discovered they’ll find the rug which James can identify as his.