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Hulisani Ravele EXPOSES Contractor

TV personality Hulisani Ravele is concerned about her safety as a woman living in SA after an inappropriate request from a contractor who was doing renovations in her home.

Hulisani shared a screenshot of her text message to the contractor, who she had to let go after he requested to kiss her.

Left feeling violated and shocked by the man’s request, Hulisani shared a thread on Twitter expressing her frustrations about how the contractor misused her trust in him.

“Just another day for a woman in SA. This happened on Friday. I thought about it so much since then, questioning if I did something wrong, when, how. I’d worked with him before on something for my place, so the trust was there. When the kiss request came I was … Ja neh.”

Still in shock about what else could have happened, Hulisani recalled when an ex-partner was uncomfortable with her holding meetings with men at her home to discuss house renovations because she was naive about what could happen.

“Remembered an ex of mine who was never comfortable with me having meetings with gents at my place, and my response would be ‘no man, there’s no need to worry, I know him’, but in this case, where measurements of my place had to be done, where else was I supposed to meet with him?”

Although she was certain about her decision to let go of her contractor, the star spoke to a few guy friends to gauge whether she was overreacting.

“I told them I was going to send this message and one asked: ‘Aren’t you scared of a confrontation?’ My response was: ‘If I don’t make him know that what he did was wrong, he will think his behaviour is okay.’”

Though she doubted her decision at first, Hulisani expressed the need for women to stand up for themselves and fight for what is right.

“Ladies, I know speaking up for yourself is never easy and the circumstances don’t always lend themselves to you being able to do so. But where you can, do. Not just for yourself, but for the next sister who won’t be able to speak up or stand up or fight off an entitled pig like this.”

The child star said one day women won’t need to constantly live in fear of men: “One day. Just not today.”

– TimesLIVE