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Warden who enjoyed s_x with inmate in ICU – Husband arrested for attempted murder – Family speaks

The Correctional Services Department has debunked claims that a correctional officer who had s_x with an inmate was married to the inmate and committed suicide. s_x between a jail warden and a prisoner. This comes after a video of the two being close surfaced.

“We also need to dispel the false information that has been circulated that the official has committed suicide; this is not the case; she is still alive.”

Singabakho Nxumalo, a spokesperson for the Department of Correctional Services, says the investigation into the matter has been broadened as more people have been implicated.

The internal investigation into the official and inmate from KwaZulu-Natal’s Ncome Correctional Centre is well underway.

The department is “appalled, embarrassed, and gutted,” according to him. Since then, the s_x video has been extensively shared on social media sites.

However a ‘close family’ member has spoken on the video stating that the warden has suffered a stroke following the incident and her husband has been arrested after he attempted to kill her.