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‘I Can Have Dinner With Zuma Anytime, I forgive Jacob Zuma But He Must Pay For His Sins’ – Malema

The president of EFF Julius Malema have finally stepped up to take questions ever since he had a tea meeting with President Jacob Zuma at the Nkandla house.
However, the people of South Africa were confused and angry because they did not understand what was the meeting about. A lot of accusations and Allegations were made by the public of South Africa regarding the meeting.
However, Julius malema admitted that he has nothing personal with the former president of South Africa Jacob Zuma but that does not mean Jacob Zuma must not answer for what he did.
Julius Malema when asked about the tea meeting with Jacob Zuma:
“I can have tea, or dinner at anytime with Jacob Zuma because I have got nothing personal against him, I forgive Jacob Zuma but that does not mean he must not answer for his sins”
Julius Malema instructs that Jacob Zuma should pay for his sins, he must face consequences for what he did, if his found guilty by the constitution of South Africa. Seems like Julius Malema is not going to defend Jacob Zuma like people assumed.
Jacob Zuma remains in trouble with the government of South Africa if he should not appear on Zondo Commission when his attention is being demanded. A lot of people are still saying that Jacob Zuma should be arrested for corruption.
However, Jacob Zuma does have some back up behind him, as the MKMVA are willing to put up a fight fo whoever is going to touch the former president of South Africa. The MKMVA also named Zuma their commander in chief.
Some people of South Africa are saying that the ANC is failing to nail the former the president of South Africa. However, most politicians are deemed corrupt by some citizens of South Africa and they would love to see changes take place.