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I cry more than you can imagine, says Robbie Malinga’s widow Ann

Anne Malinga has broken her silence on dealing with husband Robbie Malinga’s death. It seems she had been getting messages from her followers asking how she was dealing with the pain of losing her husband.

While on social media Ann looks like she has managed to deal with the pain, she said her reality was that she had good and bad days.

“We all know death is one if not the only hardest thing to come to terms with, it’s something none of us will ever completely understand. We struggle to accept someone you love dearly’s road has ended and you are supposed to keep going and live.

“It’s hard for all of us, just because I carry the pain well, doesn’t mean it’s not heavy, I’m just not an attention seeker. I cry more than you’ll can imagine, I have bad days but I choose to deal with all that in my space with people who genuinely cares.”

Ann said if one loved their deceased loved one as much as they did, they would feel their spirit live on and get constant reminders that they were not alone. However, this did not mean one would get all the answers. In fact, according to Ann, people should stop trying to figure things out, as some things remained a mystery.

“Though you will live in pain searching for answers, you will eventually realise there’s no answer to their death and life just don’t make sense. We need to stop trying to figure it all out and try to start living because it will never make sense.

“When I say start living, live for you, not society, they don’t know your pain, they are not walking the journey with you, the journey is your assignment and yours alone. Stop trying to please everyone while you are breaking inside, it’s not going to help an inch.

“The healing process starts the day you accept the pain and make it part of your life journey. Surround yourself with genuine people, people who wants to see you heal, win, smile and literally live. Don’t look like your pain, don’t give in, you are still blessed with life, your day to die has not come so be grateful and live. Just return to your centre and stay strong.

“Remember things have shifted, your life changed but you have to stay solid in your vibration as things whirl around you.”

Ann said it took some time before she could open up about her late husband, but she could now do it and connect with other people on a “deeper” level.

“Those asking specifically about cancer, I’m not an expert, I did my research, asked questions to understand what I was dealing with. Hope this helps.”

The music legend passed on in Christmas Day in 2017 after a long battle with pancreatic cancer.

Source: Citizen