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“I didn’t sleep with the whole cabinet, but I slept with this 4 cabinet members” lady reveals

Topic: Meet the lady who slept with more than 4 cabinet members and still believe that it was love not prostitution.

I just want to clarify a few things here. You all know I’m very open abt my life, I didn’t sleep w the whole cabinet as they are saying. I’m turning 34 this year. @edmnangagwa sexually abused me when I was 15yrs old. I met SB Moyo through Mnangagwa

I dated SB Moyo and we broke up in 2017 bt we remained best friends. If my gvt has my western union information, at one stage I even sent him money. In 2019 I met Kambamura whom I got introduced to by a mutual friend and he was single for the record.

We dated from Jan-Sept2019. SB was even against my relationship w Kambamura becoz he had a lot of skeletons in his closet he knew of. I then met Temba Mliswa 23rd Oct 2020. That relationship lasted for 3 mnths… as for Musanhi, we didn’t date nor did I sleep w him. He has prostate cancer and those pictures were taken by Elanor Kaziboni in his bedroom at Avondale. It was myself,Elanor and Musanhi and 2 of my house maids who were cleaning his home that day @60Mins