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“I don’t date broke guys. You have to earn over R50k a month” – Slay queen angers Mzansi

A video of South African Youtubers Lelo and Nicole is circulating on social media and people are bashing them for what they said about broke guys. They said they can’t date someone who earns below R50k a month because he won’t be able to afford their lifestyles. People told them to look for jobs and stop depending on men.

“I can’t date a broke guy, I deserve better and more.I can’t date a 9 to 5 guy. Someone who gets R12k a month is broke. If you earn below R50k a month, I won’t date you. I need you to spend money on me. I have to do my hair weekly, buy makeup, clothes and do my nails.” Said Nicole.

“I have a question for Nicole. How much does she make a month? Slay queens are embarrassing.” Said @TshepisoLetsela.

” How can they say these things? I am worried about them.” Says @Mphopho_gigi.

” There is a guy out there who will still pursue these girls and get into so much debt trying to impress them.” Said @Molife15.