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I don’t see anything wrong for dating my dad because of some valid reasons

My family never had a problem with me when dating with my father infact they were encouraging me to do it all that time.

My dad lost her wife while i was 12 years old and since then he didn’t look for any wife he supported me and took good care of me.

The reason why he didn’t do that is because when i was young i was always saying I’m lucky i don’t have step mom and i wish i won’t have her. I was saying that so that they can be together and not break up, not knowing that death can do them apart.

My mom lost her life on car accident and that was much painful death to all of us in the family, my dad left me only in the family.

He stayed the whole 10 years not having any women in his life, even though he did but i didn’t see any women in his account or suspected any.

After 21 years i saw that I’m grown enough to take care of anything in the house and my dad as well. I went to my best aunt and explained everything to her, she agreed with my idea and she called dad and we talked about it and agreed that i will take over where my left.

I’m 5 years in relationships with dad now and I’m so happy nothing wrong happened so far, i would like to encourage other ladies to not think bad about what people may say about them. Putting focus on your mission is one important thing.