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“I Know She Is Old But Love Is Not About Age”, Says Young Boy

A young boy from South Africa, Mpumalanga who went viral after uploading a photo of himself kissing an old lady has left many people in disbelief.

Bongani Eiman is the boy’s Facebook nams and according to his profile he was born on the 9th of April in 2003, meaning he turned 18 years of age this year.

In the caption of the photo, Bongani said, “uLoml , I know she is old but love is not about age🥺💍😍❤️ I love you wena my 16/04/20 🤣😍❤️When I’m with you,the only thing I want to do is to hold you tight❤🤰…keep you warm and never let you go❤❤❤💍😍🤰🙊you all meet my SOULMATE 💍🌍❤”

It looks like the couple is engaged as well, as Bongani uploaded recent photos of himself and the older women wearing rings while thanking her for a BMW M3 and iPhone 12.

Although some people found this relationship strange, others congratulated Bongani. One guy by the name of Liwani Shampy Siphe shared a picture of himself and his wife, who is 19 years older than him.

One would think that this relationship is about money, however it could also be real love…