Home Celebrity Buzz ‘I know who is responsible for my accident’ – Sbahle Mpisane

‘I know who is responsible for my accident’ – Sbahle Mpisane

After the fatal accident she had last year, fitness bunny Sbahle Mpisane suffered from amnesia which was due to her head injury.

Sbahle couldn’t remember how she had the injury and some of the people close to her when she was discharged from the hospital.

Yesterday on her Instagram page, Sbahle shared on her insta stories how she might remember some of the things in her life, including who might have caused her incident.

The story that was later removed she shared that her memory might have been flashing back since April.

The story reads: “In the past six months I’ve been opening up to memories of things I constantly did, places I loved, humans I had strong connections with, my wild haters too and it all seemed like I was learning someone’s life but it was all flashbacks of me.”

The post further touches on memories of her car accident and it reads: “I’ve driven to my accident scene numerous times and questioned all the memories I had. The cameras at the scene were not working on the day of my accident so I have no solid proof to my memory still. Sigh tricky.”

– Daily Sun