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“I Literally Can’t Breathe,” Minnie Dlamini

“I literally can’t breathe,” TV presenter and actress Minnie Dlamini said she told her family immediately after she saw one of the all-time greats of Tennis Venus Williams.

Taking to her social media platforms to share a snap of her and the American professional Tennis player, Minnie said Venus and her sister Serena Williams mean a lot to her.

She said her father made her and her late brother play tennis because of them. She added, “and getting my provincial colours for tennis was one of my proudest moments, as I remember being one of the only black kids on the court growing up.

“@venuswilliams Thank you for being a huge inspiration in my life!!! I may not have become a professional tennis player but I am very much the woman I am today because of your influence in my childhood. Representation matters,” Minnie wrote on Instagram.

Taking to the comments section, her old-time friend singer and TV presenter Nandi Madida said Minnie has always been good at Tennis. “I remember how good you were at Tennis growing up, what a full circle moment and probably a beautiful sign from Khosini.”

Fans and other celebrities also took to the comments section to congratulate Minnie on meeting the Tennis champ.

It is clear that Minnie has always been active growing up and participated in a lot of extramural activities. She previously shared a throwback picture of her and Nandi’s sister Dr. Langa Mngoma reminiscing about their modeling days.

“This was the year 2000, @drlangamngoma and I choreographed our duo/group performance to “It’s Raining Men”🤣 at our modelling graduation for @roberta_alessandri_models.”

She said this was her very first modelling graduation, and they won best duo/group performance, and Nandi Madida won overall model of the year.

“@drlangamngoma came 2nd and I came 3rd. The following year @drlangamngoma and I dominated again getting tie first place 🥇 (Nandi was thankfully in Highschool 😜) I entered many pageants and lost all of them, until 2002 when I won my first pageant and then went on to win Little Miss South Africa,” she said.

Minnie said she is grateful to have Mngoma sisters in her life. She said they pushed each other and competed hard but always maintained the love. “A win for one was a win for all!!! Growing up with the Mngoma family was beautiful, we had the best childhood ❤️ I’m so happy our families are still super close today after all these years. As the saying goes “It takes a village…” Minnie concluded her lengthy Instagram post.