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I Spoke To His Mom: Cassper Makes Sh0cking Revelation About Slik Talk

Cassper Nyovest has softened up to Silk Talk even after getting dragged by him just recently. Slik Talk called him out for being a clout chaser after he apparently banned MacG and Sol Phenduka, from Podcast and Chill with MacG, from attending his boxing match with Naak Musiq.

Slik Talk told Cassper that he is making a mistake by not allowing the two hosts to attend the match and give their commentary. He said the whole idea of the boxing match came about because of them. The team invited Slik to their show when everybody wanted nothing to do with him.

But in his recent interview with sports broadcaster Robert Marawa on a radio station called VumaFM, Cassper told him that he realised on the night of their fight that Slik Talk is actually a harmless child.

He just wished that all the energy he spends bashing him and other people, was placed on the ring the night they fought.

“He’s got a lot of energy. What’s weird is that he did not have that energy on the night when I was standing across the ring. He was begging me. After I beat up Slik Talk, for me he just became a comedian because after meeting him and interacting with him, I realised he’s not who plays on the internet. He’s actually a very soft child, a good child. He came with his mom,” said Cassper as quoted by TshisaLive

Yes, according to Cassper, Slik Talk is actually a softie because he came with his mother and brother to the fight.

“I was like, ‘his is a very normal, average South African family. This child is not as bad as we think he is. I think he’s just smart enough to realise that ‘The more I talk like this, the more attention I get’. So he’s just doing it for attention and he got money from it and that’s just it’.”

He then said that the more Slik Talk bashes him, its actually promoting Cassper’s brand.

“I don’t really get offended after meeting him. He’s not that bad. He’s helping me, he’s promoting me.”

In his last video, Slik Talk said, “Let me give you a reality check Cassper, without MacG and Sol there would be no boxing match,” said Slik Talk. “These guys gave me a platform and a co-sign when everybody has labeled me a trouble maker. There would be no boxing match between you and I without these guys.”

“They gave you the clout and besides, this is not the first time MacG and Sol have spoken about you but you still invited Sol to be a commentator because you needed the clout.”

He then called him a clout chaser, “How dare you replace Sol as the commentator when he did such an amazing job commentating on the fight. You needed him that time because you needed the clout, now you don’t need him anymore, now you have sponsors you feel like you don’t need him anymore.” He said.