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I Still Buy My Baby Mama Some Clothes For Baby’s Sake And My Girlfriend Doesn’t Like It, Am I Wrong?

A man has caused a huge stir on social media for saying that he still buys clothes for his baby mama for the sake of his son, he does not want her to carry him while wearing lame clothes.

“I still buy my baby mama some clothes for baby’s sake and my girlfriend doesn’t like it, am I wrong for making sure that my baby mama looks good when carrying my son?”

See other people’s reaction:

‘There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that . I believe a baby momma shudnt struggle while you around, buy her a car futh so your child doesn’t struggle’

‘Her father bought for her before she fell pregnant, now she has to hustle for herself. Not all parents say thanks to unplanned pregnancy, some will make you hate menCrossed fingers’

‘I think it this case you should send her more money when sending your kid if you really want to help then she’ll see for her self whether to buy herself clothes or not, how she looks is not your problem as long as you know you give her enough to take care of herself and a kid’

‘Nothing is wrong with that. Your baby mama is not some enemy….especially if you get along and she understands that you are with someone else now.
You can buy her a car why not , after all the baby us yr priority. .
True that men do respect woman they impregnant.’