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“I took my girlfriend to the bush, came back with my fiance”

It is said when you find the right person, everything falls together. And all you want to do is to make sure no one takes them away from you by making it official. It comes naturally to want them all to yourself, that’s what love does to people.

Not everyone is lucky to find a guy who wants something official and build a family. Because these days people just date for the fun of it. Some they will notify you from the very beginning that they are not there for the long run. And you ask yourself why do ladies put up with guys who made it clear they want to play? Well something you will never understand why people do those particular things.

Here is guy who decided to take a step further with his girlfriend. He took his girlfriend to the bush, seems like a nice camping resort and he proposed to her. I guess the feeling is mutual, the lady said yes. Hence he went back home with her as his fiance.

While some took it as motivation, others were making jokes about them being different in terms of their skin color. However everyone can date whoever they want to date, it’s a free world. Everyone deserves to be happy with whomever they choose to be with.

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