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“I wanted to tell them that am HIV positive but was afraid they might kill me”

This is a very heartbreaking incident of a 25 year old girl who was robbed her dignity for the second time in her life.

Being HIV positive can make a person feels less of a person and obviously it will be like you have lost your dignity because of what people thinks about people who are positive.

This story just broke my heart she was just finding ways of accepting that she’s living with a chronic illness now she has to deal with another trauma.

Apparently this girl was on her way to visit her boyfriend who stay Stanger so she had to take a taxi from where she stays to her boyfriend’s place.

She said when she arrived in the she found the driver and his conductor and told her that they were going in the direction the girl had been heading to He said he asked the men where the other passengers were that’s when there conductor covered her with a blanket.

They went to a sugarcane field where they s_xually assaulted her pointing a gun at her,she told our reputable source that they then left her in that bush.

What bothers her is that she should have warned the perpetrators that she’s HIV positive but because she feared for her life she couldn’t.

Now she will have to live with the conscience that she had infected people with a disease of which it was not her intention.

I feel very sorry for this girl for what has happened to her but for her to worry about infecting her perpetrators is totally wrong? She should just focus on her life and dealing with a trauma of being a victim of r_pe.