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I was her gardener and she was my boss but we fell in love

I was 19 years and she was 25 years old when we met in Germany almost 14 years ago. But by that, I was struggling job from one piece job to another and during the weekend I would cut grass for rich people living in the Hamburg suburbs. But she saw potential in me that I didn’t believe myself, she would bring juice and biscuits when am cutting her grass and renovating her flower garden.

I started enjoying working for her as she would keep me company while am tilling the ground irrigation the flowers and cutting the grass. The job started to get easy and finally, I was liking it but then something happens when the day arrives for me to collect my check. I feel like it was embarrassing to gets paid and I said no don’t pay me this month. She insisted and I started to move away from her, the speed increases and we started running.

She finally caught me and put the cheque right in my pocket but she didn’t take her hand out. We locked our eyes and I would see my future wife in her. I collected the money but I was kinda feeling embarrassed to be paid for the perfect work that I have done. By that time my landscaping business was growing, I end up buying a small bakkie and employ another young man to help me.

One night I finally gather my courage, I picked up my phone and dialed her number, just the first ringing sound and she picked up I asked her out. The rest is a history we are now married with two kids it’s been 14 years since I felt shy to be paid for my work.