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“I Was Not Fired From The Queen”, Cindy Mahlangu Defends The Fergusons After Being Re-Hired

Cindy Mahlangu has refuted claims that The Fergusons had earlier fired her from The Queen cast.

She recently made a comeback after The Queen social media page announced she was to make an appearance on the show reprising her role as Siyanda on Mzansi Magic’s The Queen.

Cindy Mahlangu left the show on unclear terms. Many publications assumed she had been fired by The Fergusons.

Her departure once again made waves on social media, after several people accused showrunners, husband and wife duo, the Fergusons for unceremoniously firing actors from the Queen.

The show creators are in the habit of firing most of their employees for unknown reasons.

But speaking to Daily Sun, Cindy said her comeback wasn’t a surprise to her because she had not left the show on bad terms in the first place.

She says The Fergusons had promised to make her part of the new era of The Queen.

“When the previous season ended, I was told I’d be part of the new era of The Queen,” she said.

Contrary to what people believed over her sudden write off from the show, Cindy defended the Fergusons saying that she was actually not fired but that was part of her storyline.

“I was definitely not fired from the show,” she said.

“My departure from the show was because of the storyline. “Siyanda had to disappear for that period of time and come back later.”

Speaking on how she feels about her return, Cindy couldn’t express how happy and grateful she was that the show creators had brought her back to the job she loved.

“I really missed the cast and crew, and being back on set feels like being back home because we have a close relationship.

I’ve really missed playing Siyanda. She’s full of surprises, and that’s what viewers loved about her,” she said.

Now that it’s been confirmed that Siyanda is back on The Queen, we’re looking forward to interesting weeknights.