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I went to a Sangoma to get medication for 4/5 growth he gave me wrong medication

Bhuti Aico Akhona went to a customary healer to get medication for 4/5 broadening yet it would seem that the conventional healer gave him wrong medication. Rather than his 4/5 getting greater it’s his butt that is getting greater. He posted about this via online media. This transformed him into a fool. He left a remark on the remark area that says “I need somebody who will adore me the I am.” Individuals responded with the giggling emoticon. Others even disclosed to him that you appear as though a glad client deciding by the image you posted.

Bhuti Aico Akhona should uncover the customary healer who did this to him. On the off chance that he isn’t uncovered he will do this to a many individuals, he ought to caution others. Or then again perhaps Bhuti Aico Akhona didn’t adhere to directions he utilized the medication he was given wrongly that is the reason he wound up with a major butt rather than a major 4/5 that he needed.

This additionally shows that we should see the value in ourselves the manner in which we are. Since he needed to change the manner in which he was conceived now he has wound up with something different that is going to make him disdain himself. Before he begins reprimanding the custom healer for this he should fault himself first since he went to the customary healer, the practice healer didn’t go to him.

This will be an exercise to others who are attempting to change themselves. You ought to see the value in yourself the manner in which you are. Quit needing things that you don’t have cause you will wind up lamenting.