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Idols judge Unathi gets body shamed

Unathi needs to dress her age!”
“Unathi is old! “

These are the opinions of the faceless bullies on social media and newssites.

Critics and fans have different opinions about different things and critics are saying Unathi should cover up and dress her age, while fans applauds her for her risky fashion choices.

Which do you agree with?

This is one woman we have seen grow and change so much since she has been active in the entertainment industry. She is currently is 41 years old and is according to many looking very young for a woman her age, while others are calling for her to dress and act her age.

Unathi Nkayi is known for her numerous talents in the entertainment industry. She currently a recording soul artist, a resident judge on South African Idols and is definitely a fan favourite.

Here are more cements made by critics.

Words make or break us and others, luckily Unathi is living in her bubble that such comments would reach her eyes or ears.