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If we are to return in level 2 this easter. You must know this

There are rules according to each level from level 1 upto level 5 where each level lay down each restrictions in different way. Let look at what will happen if we go to level one on this coming Easter

1 Every one is confined to his/her place of residence from 10pm until 04am everyday unless if a person has been granted a permission to do so, which corresponds with Form 2 of Annexure A, to perform a service other than a service related to an activity listed under Table 3, or attending to a security and or medical emergency.

Mandatory of protocols when in public place must abide the following

Every person is expected to wear a mask when in a public places and may not be allowed to be in a public place without a mask even to use any form of public transport, or enter a public building, place or premises, if that person is not wearing a face mask.

Attendance of the funerals

Attendance of funeral is limited to 50 people, police should be in place for supervision to ensure that the rules are abide.

During the night vigils are not allowed at all.

During a funeral, a person is expected to wear a face mask and obey to all health protocols and social distancing measures layed by the government. See more details

Not to obey all rules of coronavirus layed by the government can lead to some penalties