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“If you Have a small 4-5 this is how you can satisfy us as women”

When it comes to the size of 4-5s men can become very insecure about their sizes, but that doesn’t really matter, what matters is skill and confidence. There are many ways to make a woman happy besides having an enormous 4-5.

If your banana is small oral is the answer. Oral involves using your mouth or tongue to stimulate your partner.

Many people enjoy oral as part of their bed lifestyle but it is a very personal thing and not everybody likes it or chooses to do it. Different people like to give or receive oral s_x in different ways.

There are a whole variety of ways to lick, suck and stimulate someone. You may decide not to have oral at all, or you may enjoy experimenting with your partner to find out what gives you both pleasure.

It is important to talk to your partner so you can understand what you both enjoy and what you would prefer to avoid.

I really like it when a man goes down on me, it feels like heaven.