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If you have children, you should read this

We all the know the Corona virus is running a havoc in the country, with that being said ,children under the age 6 are not required to wear a mask in public.(recently amended disaster management act published 11 January)

There was a lot of concerns and questions about this decision especially now ,since there’s a new variant making its rounds.

Dr Fundile Nyati(Health expert and Ceo of proactive health solutions) said he thinks the National disaster act is following the advice of the World Health Organization.(WHO)

The World Health Organisation stated that as much as it is a need for everyone of us to wear a mask as precaution ,but children under the age of 6 years old don’t have to use a mask .The reason for them giving this statement is whilst looking at all the data , children that age are at low risk and children in any case tend not to put the mask on correctly.

Parents who have children with pre-existing conditions should wear masks and parents are required to consult their doctors with this decision.

As a parent ,the first instinct is to protect your child,so whatever your decision is ,to wear a mask or not ,it’s totally up to you.

There are many pro’s and cons to this.Before you take a decision with regards to this please do research.

Don’t forget to stock up on vitamins and eat healthy.