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I’m pregnant with sports presenter Robert Marawa’s twins: Showbiz vixen Nguvitjita Mberirua reveals

HE’S Mzansi’s favourite sportscaster. But radio and TV personality Robert Marawa has a secret… and is going out of his way to keep it under wraps!

This is according to his alleged baby mama, showbiz vixen Nguvitjita Mberirua. The Namibian hottie claims the football host has been playing hide and seek after allegedly impregnating her. But Marawa strongly denies all her claims.

“I have, since January 2019, been the victim of a relentless campaign of harassment and defamation by Ms Mberirua in which she has presented herself at various times and to multiple people – both known and unknown to me, as my wife (untrue), my fiancee (untrue), my girlfriend (untrue), the mother of my unborn twins and subsequently the mother of my unborn child, as well as the subject of an alleged assault by an associate of mine (untrue).

“She’s refused to provide any proof of pregnancy or submit herself to a pregnancy test or an in utero paternity test, despite repeated requests to do so,” he said.

After the social media rant, Mberirua claimed Robert had vanished into thin air. According to the young lass, she met Robert as she was trying to gain work experience at his SuperSport show. Nguvitjita claimed she met the 42-year-old in December while doing her internship.

Said Nguvitjita: “He initially approached and asked me if I wanted him as my mentor. I saw no problem with this at the time, so I agreed.”

Nguvitjita said things got rosy between them and Robert took her to various birthday parties with his friends.

“Soon after we met, he asked to take me home one night when it was raining, and thereafter we started dating.” She claimed she realised she was pregnant after a medical examination in early January.

“There was no sign I was pregnant until I went for a medical check-up,” she insisted. “Since Robert was the only man I was seeing, I told him I was pregnant with his child.”

Maintained Nguvitjita: “He’s not answering my calls and has now blocked my number. He refuses to take responsibility for the situation and our unborn child. He asked for a paternity test, but never showed up when we were supposed to do it.”

Nguvitjita claimed she was four months pregnant and had been left to deal with all the medical expenses alone.

“I don’t wanna date him, I just want him to take responsibly.”

Source: Sunday Sun