Home Entertainment #Imbewu: Zola finally confesses her little secret

#Imbewu: Zola finally confesses her little secret

Zola obviously could not pretend anymore and the nightmares were torturing her even though she was aware her marriage might end before it even started she told her fiance the truth. She had to tell Zithulele that she intentionally lost the baby meaning she did not have miscarriage but terminated her pregnancy  Clearly she is not aware that by not telling the truth to the Bhengu family,

she is not only lying to the family members but disrespecting the ancestors  Personally I do not under Zola’s reasons for not wanting to start a family with the man she claims to want the rest of her life with, if she really did not want to she should have used contraceptives for family planning or use a protection but no she consciously chose to rob Zithulele a chance at being a father and the entire family from meeting the gifted heir  The poor guy could not believe his ears that after everything,

Zola can do this to her hopefully he will connect the dots about the middle east deal and realize if she was able to kill an innocent child she can easily leak information  Thuthu is a great guy who is unlucky when it comes to women