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Inside Ayanda Thabethe’s Cape Town Birthday Getaway

Ayanda took a short left to Cape Town to party her birthday weekend away with her loved ones. Ayanda stayed in a holiday home with only the best views and she made sure to serve us the hottest photos on the trip. Thabethe had fun activities planned for the getaway which included quad biking in the sandy dunes of Cape Town.

Ayanda took her birthday celebration to a whole new level with her new technology twin iYANDA. This is Africa’s latest virtual human and Ayanda’s virtual alter-ego, is set to take centre stage in South Africa and world’s fashion and influencer scene. taking to Instagram, the TV personality shared how excited she is to introduce her twin to the world and is even more excited for Ayanda to join other virtual robots in the tech world.

“I’m super excited to introduce you guys to iYANDA! My very own identical digital twin. @IAMiYANDA is also Africa’s newest virtual human – Oh, and we may look identical…but she certainly has a life of her own – living in the digital realm …Officially entering the world of tech and joining other virtual reality robots !!! Can’t wait for you to see what she gets up to, ” Ayanda said.