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Inside Enhle Mbali’s stunning Birthday party

While Prince Harry, his wife Meghan, and the British royal family were dominating headlines and dinner table conversations around the world this week, the local timelines were filled with praise for another queen: Enhle Mbali.

The actress had the whole internet deep in the feels with snaps of her 33rd birthday celebration recently.

Sis posted snaps of the occasion, looking royal in a stunning white dress that took many breaths away.

Nono Events, who dress up some of Mzansi’s biggest celeb parties, plugged Enhle with décor on some fairytale white and gold tip.

Only close friends and family were invited to the intimate bash.

Snaps shared on social media show Enhle praying with guests and posing with a white Porsche that many on social media thought might be her gift to herself.