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Inside Juju and Msholozi’s cup of tea meeting

Even though we were told that there was nothing that was told to the media, people are still trying by all means to have an idea of to what the meeting was all about. As their pictures shows that they were really excited, of which we all know that they were always arguing on every thing since ever Julius Malema left the African National Congress (ANC).

So people are not asking for much, but to just know or in any way have an idea of to why that meeting toke place at the first time. Maybe from then people will in any way stop assuming a lot. As they would have got all the facts which are currently no were to be found.

We as for people, they have in any way started dropping their opinions towards the issue on the whole internet and various social media platforms concerning this issue of Malema and Zuma’s meeting.

Surely and hopefully every one will find closure as soon as possible, as one of them might in any way tell us of to what exactly is going on.