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Inside Prophet TB Joshua burial service

The world has not experienced anything like this as the mourning and burial plans of Prophet TB Joshua are put in place .The only difference is that now the people are preparing for his burial . Delegates from all over the world came to bid the Prophet good bye some people were restricted to visit Nigeria because of the ongoing pandemic of Covid 19.

Among the delegates was the president of South Sudan and King Swati of Malawi and many other prominent people ,that if we were to name them then this story would be too long to finish .It was easy to see the body of the prophet as he was put in a glass box .His wife Evelyn Joshua was grieved as she stood looking down at her husband in the photo below

Prophet TB Joshua has shown that even in death he still has an impact on the world as many people mourn the prophet all around the world .It is as if the world is experiencing a burial of a king rather than a prophet .The way he touched lives privately now the lives are celebrating him publicly .We can just simply say in this article “Rest in peace in the Lord our father “.