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Inside Sithelo’s Baby Shower – Andile looks so exited

Sithelo Shozi has a bun in the oven and many are convinced that Andile Mpisane is the father. Sithelo took to her IG stories to share snaps from the dreamy occasion under the hashtag #SitheloPopsAgain. The event organized by, Londiwe Ndwandwe, was attended by close family and friends. Judging by the decorations, Shozi is expecting a baby girl.

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It was indeed a beautiful occasion. The mother-to-be was dressed in all black and later sighted in a pink dress. They had personal chefs come and prepare the food.

Andile Mpisne was also sighted at the aby shower. He later went to the dance floor and showed off his dance moves. Sbahle Mpisane also shared clips from the baby shower in her IG stories. Mamkhize is yet to say anything about the baby shower on her social media.

In May 2021, Baby Flo turned a year old and Mamkhize, Andile and Sithelo both came together to make it a memorable first birthday for the little one.

“Today is a very special day for me as this time last year, our family tree was extended. We were blessed with a baby princess. Yes, I was never ready nor prepared but boy oh boy. I never understood the impact and joy that she would bring to our family.” Posted Mamkhize. “I would do anything and everything in my power to protect her from this world as she is one of the things I call my place of safety and comfort. Every time when I come home and I see her my day is full, I LOVE YOU BABY FLO.”

Sithelo also shared a lengthy heartfelt letter to her daughter which has since been deleted. “My Baby Flo, very much like your name you sprout like a blossom, unfurling your magnificence every single day. When I consider how I’ve watched your little character come to life, how I’ve watched you develop constantly, I can’t resist the urge to shake my head in stunningness of Gods favour.

“May you keep on holding your poised and mindful nature, holding your head up high and reach for each and every desire set in your heart. You convey a particularly sensational aura and it’s unquestionable. May you always know the joy you’ve bought about in our lives and the gift you’ve been to each & every one of us”, she shared in part.