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Interesting facts you didn’t know about Generations: The Legacy actress Noxolo Monama (Sphe)

Mzansi’s Pearl Noxolo Monama is an actress who plays the role of Doctor Sphe Cele – Moroka on SABC 1 soapie Generations: The Legacy.

The 28-year-old actress Noxolo Monama plays the Sphe Moroka role which is a princess from the Cele clan married to the powerful Moroka house heir Mazwi Moroka role played by Musa Ngema.

Sphe Moroka Real Life vs Generations The Legacy Life

In real life Sphe Moroka is not a medical doctor as portrayed by the role she plays on Generations, she is rather an actress, fitness bunny, and movie director. She graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Film and Drama Studies from the University of Pretoria.

On Generations Noxolo Monama plays Sphesihle Cele – Moroka the princess of the Cele clan and daughter to Jack Mabaso, married to Mazwi Moroka in a bid to join the two most powerful families through an arranged marriage. In her arranged marriage Sphe endures a lot including dealing with a sterile husband and forced to bear children with Smanga Moroka, her brother-in-law, leading to the birth of her daughter Rorisang Moroka.

Pearl Monama bashes arranged marriages asked whether she will one day consider being in an arranged married, Sphe revealed that arranged marriages don’t work and are exploitative.

“I believe that marriage is for a lifetime, and marrying someone you hardly know will not make the marriage successful. It’s an exploitative way of marriage directed towards young women, in marriage consent is a constitutional right for women in South Africa”, said Pearl Noxolo Monama.

Pearl Monama is a gym freak – Fitness goals

Dr Sphe Moroka is a fitness bunny in real life, if she is not acting, she is probably hitting the gym.