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Is Andile Mpisane a Polygamist?

Just a few weeks ago, social media was in a frenzy when rumors of rich kid Andile Mpisane, who is the son of businesswoman Shauwn Mkize and South African well-known dancer Kamo Mphela being involved in an entanglement. Well, there’s more.

Andile Mpisane’s older girlfriend and baby mama Sithelo Shozi, who is a DJ from KwaZulu-natal was quick to react to say that she was done loving a guy, and it was time for a guy to start loving her. This became a topic since Andile was rumored to be “busy” with dancer Kamo Mphela. Many people thought that it had ended in tears or she had found out that Andile was allegedly having an affair with Kamo Mphela.

While Sithelo Shozi’s baby daddy’s Black Mercedes G-Wagon truck is all over the internet and is known by many. Sithelo started calling the Wagon rumored to be the same as Andile Mpisane’s as her “mommy truck”.

Social Media users are quick at investigations and started showing the very close to no difference between the truck and Andile Mpisane’s actual G-Wagon.

Check out the following picture of Kamo Mphela standing in front of a black Mercedes G-Wagon, which allegedly seems to be the same as Andile Mpisane’s.

The shock in this is that the same G-Wagon was seen right behind Kamo Mphela in a picture that she posted. Fans believed that this was one triangle between Andile Mpisane, Sithelo Shozi, and Kamo Mphela.

Some people even started making allegations that Andile might be a polygamist, which can be acceptable with what is in his bank account. Although the rumors of Andile Mpisane and Kamo Mphela’s alleged affair were not confirmed, many people still think that something is going on between the two. Could this be a confirmation of a love triangle? Comment and share your thoughts.