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IS DSTV CHEAP OR EXPENSIVE? How Do I Change DSTV Packages In South Africa Via Cellphone

We thought we’d share this article after seeing a post on our Facebook page go viral.

Here are the ways you can change or downgrade and upgrade a Dstv package in Africa.

1. You can change your DStv subscription through the DStv self-service online portal.

2. Also, you can upgrade and downgrade your DStv through the Dstv app.

3. There is also an option to change the Dstv package through its USSD code or an SMS.

Now, it is possible, and you can change your Dstv package through WhatsApp.

So, let see how you can perform each of these to upgrade or downgrade your Multichoice subscription.

How do I downgrade my DStv package in South Africa?

Visit Google play store or Apple Store and download the MyDstv app.

Launch the app and enter your mobile number.

Type your surname on the account profile.

Click log in.

Once you log in, click on the view all deals.

Tick your current deal, and the ‘Change package now’ button will drop.

How to upgrade DStv via WhatsApp?

Free internet messaging app WhatsApp allows us to start family and work chat groups, make calls, send pictures, videos, and voice recordings.

And you can do so much more as a customer.

Using DStv WhatsApp line 060 060 3788 (the official account for South Africa), you can get basic step-by-step help for everything from clearing errors to resetting or updating your preferences, getting updates on the Rewards Programme, and changing your package.

You can even ask them to help you find something exciting to watch.

Type in your query, and after a few seconds to up to a minute, the company will come back to you with an answer

What DStv packages are available in South Africa?

DSTV Access package costs R99 a month.

DSTV Family package costs R249 a month.

DSTV Compact Plus package cost R509 a month.

DSTV Premium package cost R809 a month this 2019.