Home Entertainment Is Norma Gigaba moving on with this hunk?

Is Norma Gigaba moving on with this hunk?

Norma Mngoma, formally known as Norma Gigaba, recently shared a sweet snap of her and a handsome local gent, according to the tweet the hunk’s name who is tagged is only known as Siyanda for now according to his profile.

The caption on that picture as heartwarming as it is for a young man whose arm is wrapped around her waist as can be seen on the shared pictures.

She included the word “buti wami” meaning my brother, but Mzansi couldn’t stop asking about the wrapped arm around her waist.

As it was known that she was married to Melusi Gigaba the former Home Affairs and Finance Minister, until some scandals of Melusi cheating on Norma surfaced and it was published on many media publications like CelebNow and ZAlebs just to mention a few and it all went sour and broke up.

Here is the picture that tweeps have been asking about her calling him “buti wami” “my brother” but the hand as you can see there, they suggested that she’s moving on with this hunk but keeping it low.