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Ishmael on his relationship with Bonang Matheba

Roba Le Teka hitmaker, Ishmael Morabe recently released a single titled Takalani, which is a nostalgic song that takes many of his fans back to their childhood days as he reflects on his dream of ‘becoming a pop star. The musician recently revealed that Bonang Matheba contributed to his journey.

Looking back on his journey in the entertainment industry, Morake reflected on a moment he shared with Bonang Matheba while she was still in school, saying that she gave him a plate of food when he was broke and hungry.

The legendary artist went on to add that beyond the star we see today on our screens, he genuinely sees Bonang Matheba as a sweet girl beyond the glitz and glam.

“I remember Bonang dude…Bonang…this one thing people don’t know…Bonang one time…I was hungry. I was broke at some point that one time…She actually took me to res [residence]…she used to go this res…not far from campus square…anyway, she used to go to school. The girl gave me a plate of food, I’ll never forget that Bonang before the Bonang that the people know, before she hit TV and all that, and so every time I see Bonang I’m like: ‘They don’t know girl!’…she’ll always be sweet to me.” he said, speaking to V-Entertainment in a recent interview.

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