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‘It Ended In Tears’ | Couple Crushed To Death In A New VW Valentine’s Gift After Social Media Prophecy

A South African couple that became Twitter famous on Valentine’s day after celebrating love by gifting each other a brand new Volkwagen Polo died in a freaky accident this past weekend.

They won so many hearts on the day when the boyfriend bought his girlfriend a brand new VW, but not everyone was celebrating with them.

On Valentine’s day, a number of social media users wished death upon them with popular “it will end in tears” mantra on their posts.

One of Twitter users by the handle shady_daville foretold their death in a comment under one of the posts.

“vw! early ticket to death, i guess the poor guy is tired of that chick shem!” he said.

All these wishes seem to have come true this past weekend.

Jessica Moosa and Lungile Mashele were driving together with their friend Mlungisi Madonsela when they crashed on a tree along R571 and all three died on spot.

They died in the same car that Lungile gifted Jessica on Valentine’s day as they celebrated love.

News of their death was announced by Nkomazi FM, a community radio on Facebook, revealing that their memorial service will be held at KaMaqhekeza Community hall on this Friday at 11am.

Social media went abuzz upon hearing of the sad news.

Many have called out users who were mean to them on Valentine’s day after their pictures went viral.