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IT Ended In Tears For A Lady Who Posted Her New Car On Social Media

Many people were sending messages congratulating the luck lady after her boyfriend stated on Twitter that he bought her a car as a present. We know that getting a car as a present is not something that people get on daily basis but instead they get earing and watches from their partners but for this lady the story was different.

Why not surprise your person with something great if you can afford it?. People should stop focusing on the bad side of others and also look at the positive side because that negative is the reason why some things are delayed out there. While people were congratulating this lady they also noticed that they were lied to and that many people are claiming the same car as their.

Mthi didn’t only claim the car but she also claimed the woman who was kneeling down in front of the car praying and crying. She said the woman was her mother she did that because she was too happy for her daughters success.

People wanted to know who the real owner of this car but sadly nobody came forward because the Twitter followers wanted proof. They asked the owner to take a video while driving the car or take pictures of the car while its in their homes and they must be next to the car or inside.