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It Ended In Tears For MacG

Not too long ago, media personality Mohale Motaung slammed Podcast and Chill with MacG for their transphobic jokes against Vuyo Dabula. And while many thought that there was no harm in what was said by Sol Phenduka, it seems one of their major show sponsors, Amstel, well, let’s just say that they didn’t get the joke.

Just in case you don’t know what we are talking about, allow me to refresh your memory. In that particular episode, MacG and Sol were discussing Vuyo’s apparently scandalous extra marital affairs with a transgender woman.

It was then that Sol said, “Shame man that it had to happen to Vuyo, he’s an amazing guy. I saw him last week at Oakland Park. Yeah, he likes riding beautiful transies,” See what he did there?

What has tweeps enraged however, is that barely days after the episode was released, one of their sponsors, Amstel Lager, decided to withdraw their support from the podcast.

In a statement to Channel 24, Amstel said, “The Amstel brand, locally and globally, is centred around friendship and inclusion of all people, regardless of gender, race or sexual orientation, without discrimination, and we distance ourselves from any transphobic and homophobic views. We have officially parted ways with Podcast and Chill with MacG and will no longer be a partner as of 1 December 2021.”

Taking to Twitter, fans of the podcast are calling out the brand for withdrawing their support saying that Amstel knew what they were getting themselves into when they chose to sponsor the podcast.

And while some agree that it was wise for Amstel to pull out of the sponsorship deal, others cannot wait for the next episode of Podcast and Chill so that MacG can put the brand in its place. Clearly, despite the contentious weeks MacG has had to endure because of his podcast, it seems his fans have refused to see reason and are standing by him whether he is right or wrong.

Amstel is the third brand to dump Podcast and Chill this year. You read that right. Old Mutual also dumped MacG after he made similar disparaging comments against the LGBTQI community. And just like this time, many people wanted the podcast cancelled but here we are now.

Maybe you’re thinking, does this mean Podcast And Chill will collapse this time? Well, the chillers have made sure that even if no one decides to sponsor the show at all, they’ll make sure it stays up and running.