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It Ended In Tears For This Teacher After She Celebrated Goings Back To School As They Are Opening

We all know how some teachers love their work, they just cant spend too much time at home doing nothing and going back to school late then they have to work under pressure. This lady is known as Lulu Menziwa apparently she is a teacher at Cape Town, she recently shared her photos celebrating the school opening.

Some students do not get enough time to study at home because of the house chores that they are supposed to make. It would have been better if the government had closed schools and gave the students some books to keep them indoors and busy but they chosed to open schools late and they will be putting students under pressure now because they will have to work hard and cover that lost time.

This lady shared her photos on Twitter saying that she is happy to be back in her class room but she just misses her students because it not the same without them. People didn’t take this well, they just expressed their feelings about the way that this lady dresses up in front of these young children who are at school to learn. Many people complained and suggested that the schools have a dress code for teachers even if it can be something formal and good looking so that people can respect one another.

See people, parents concerns.