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It Is Over Between Ukhozi FM Presenter Zimdollar And Her Fiance

A wedding was cancelled after the break up between Ukhozi FM presenter and her relationship partner who is a businessman, the cause of their break up is because of certain things that they both unsatisfied with in their relationship.

Isolezwe newspaper found out from a trusted source that it’s over between Zimdollar and Sbongeleni ‘Mfishimfishi’ Dlamini who owns Dlems Lifestyle. The source mentioned that Dlamini’s brother’s have been addressing this matter to their friends that it’s over between this couple.

‘One of his brothers even said there’s nothing that would happen between them as they’ve separated, he was saying this with confident as it’s a matter that has been discussed. There’s nothing that would ever happen between these two.’ said a source

Another source revealed that this couple had many problems.

‘Dlamini had doubts of marrying Zimdollar as there were certain things he wasn’t happy about in their relationship. Everything had been prepared for the wedding of this couple that was going to be held in Mtavuna River Lodge last year, everything was being paid for.’

‘People started noticing that Dlamini has changed his mind about marrying Zimdollar but he didn’t wanted to come out and speak about it, even when he was asked by Zimdollar still he didn’t wanted to speak out. He looked like a person who no longer interested in the wedding anymore and didn’t reveal his reasons.’ Stated the source

The source continued saying: ‘Dlamini even went back to the mother of his child who lives in Gauteng, he impregnated her with a second baby. Dlamini’s baby mama knew that he was going to marry Zimdollar as she sent an sms to this presenter asking her if she’s aware that while she’s busy with wedding preparations with Dlamini, she and him are extending their family.

That has made the situation worse as Zimdollar asked Dlamini how he could do something like that. Dlamini did not deny that he has impregnated the mother of his child with a second child as he took this as a getaway from his relationship with Zimdollar.

‘I would urge you to ask maBiyela, she’s the one who would explain everything, there’s nothing i can comment on this issue.’ Stated Dlamini

When he was asked about impregnating his baby mama while preparing to marry Zimdollar he agreed and said he discussed that with her. Zimdollar was unreachable on her cellphone.