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It might end in tears for the young married couple as Siyacela doesn’t want Thando to go to university

Isencane Lengane is a true-life drama series(reality show) that started back in 2019 where we took a journey of young couple by the names of Siyacela Dlamuka and Thando from their romantic relationship to their marriage.The season 1 ended when they got married and moved together in Siyacela’s home.

This year’s season(second season) marks their 3rd year anniversary as a married couple. Siyacela left school months after he got married to his sweetheart but Thando continued and seems to be doing well at school.

As a young couple they should have goals and dreams about their life and future but it seems as if Siyacela is lost, while Thando has everything set up. In today’s episode Siyacela proposed that he wanted to take another wife, which came as a surprise because he should be planning something that will help him financially as he has a wife to take care of. The topic made Thando angry and they had quite a fight about it.

Siyacela went on to ask Thando dreams and goals about their relationship off which she mentioned she would like to further her studies at a University after matric and leave at a place like Umhlanga. Siyacela was against all of this, he also mentioned that he does not want Thando to go and study at the premises of the university and would prefer if she studied through long-distance learning.

It is clear that Siyacela is jealous and not driven about his future, whereas on the other hand Thando is looking at a brighter future. The relationship might end in tears, because the two have differences which has a big effect in their life, Thando will go far with her mentality.

Second episode of Season 2 showed us that Siyacela want to limit Thando’s dreams, instead of being the man who looks beyond the sky.