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IT NEVER RAINS: Connie Ferguson In Hot Soup

Actress and business mogul Connie Ferguson is one of the many Mzansi celebrities who own quite a number of businesses in Mzansi including a whole production house. Time and time again this has meant that she has gotten herself in the wrong light, and this time it seems one of her brands is being put under fire yet again.

So remember that one time Connie’s Koni International Brands landed in hot soup after having copied Nivea’s packaging among other striking similarities? Well Nivea had of course taken Connie to court and the aftermath as you already know is that Connie lost to the cosmetic giant.

Now while the case has been long gone and forgotten by many, it seems that others are still quite unimpressed by Connie’s body care products. Taking to Twitter, a tweep took to talking about how celebrities are notorious for venturing into many things that may at times come off as unnecessary.

And to think that their rant would end there, they went ahead to mention Connie’s body care brand saying that it is very unnecessary and that she should just focus on her production house instead.

Taking to the comment section, fellow tweeps are still even surprised that Connie’s brand still exists with many wanting to know where they can find it.

And while Connie is yet to respond to these claims, what we know for a fact is that her brand went under the radar for some time especially after the scandal with Nivea. This just goes to show that even when the dust does settle, Black Twitter will always find a way to bring your old skeletons back to life. Hectic!

That aside however, this past month has seen Connie celebrate her late husband’s Shona Ferguson, 6 month death anniversary. Taking to her Instagram, she took to penning him one sweet message as she always does.

She spoke fondly of how his spirit lives on through her and the girls, and the fact that he is still a part of their daily lives six months on. She expressed her undying love for him, and eternal gratitude for those who have stood with them so far, and continue to comfort and strengthen them.

It really is inspiring to see how the family continues to pick up the pieces and move on despite the heavy loss they experienced and that itself is proof that they will handle whatever it is that comes their way.